Maths Club

Aims :

  • The mathematics club aims to work for the interest of students.
  • To develop students mathematical curiosity.
  • To develop interpersonal relationship skills by conducting various activities related to Mathematics in our day to day life.
  • To arouse students interest in Mathematics so that they can become confident in using mathematics to analyze and solve problems both in school and in real life situations.
  • To train students logical thinking skills.

Objectives of the Mathematics Club :

  • Create an easy to learn concepts of maths.
  • Develop techniques for critical thinking.
  • Find paths to introduce math in creative and innovative ways.
  • Explore student’s potential as being mathematicians.
  • Help students with difficulties in Math.
  • Create a supportive learning environment for Math.
  • Encourage the study and appreciation of Mathematics.

Meet Our Students

Sr.No. Date Grade Activity
1 09/04/16 I Counting Numbers up to 20
2 16/04/16 VII Integers(Number line)
3 30/04/16 IV Money-Practical experience of buying and selling
4 18/06/16 III Four Digit Numbers making by using cards(0 to 9)
5 25/06/16 II Concept of addition using square grid
6 02/07/16 V Making angles with help of match sticks
7 09/07/16 VI Finding factors with help of cards
8 16/07/16 I Teaching the concept of putting things together
9 23/07/16 III Clock reading with help of model
10 30/07/16 II To solve subtraction problem quickly
11 13/08/16 IV Enhance mental multiplication skills with pencil & paper
12 20/08/16 V Understanding fractions with the help of paper strips
13 03/09/16 I To teach the concept of taking away by using concrete objects.
14 10/09/16 II Equal sharing
15 17/09/16 III Understanding division by using concrete objects
16 24/09/16 IV Enhance mental multiplication skill using pencil and paper.
17 08/10/16 V Finding area of an irregular object by using graph paper.
18 15/10/16 VI Relationship between length and perimeter.
19 22/10/16 I Learning Patterns
20 12/11/16 I Learning Clock
21 26/11/16 II Measurement and Capacity
23 03/12/16 VII To find out which triangles are Tessellate
24 10/12/16 V Multiplication of decimal by decimal.
25 17/12/16 VI Relationship Between length and &area of different squares


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