Integrity Club

Aims :

  • Children are not born with integrity, or the behaviors we associate with it like honesty, honor, respect, authenticity, social responsibility and the courage to stand up for what they believe is right. It is derived through a process of cultural socialization-influences from all spheres of child’s life. In their school environments students acquire these values and behaviors from adult role models and peers and in particular through an understanding of the principals of academic integrity.When students learn integrity in classroom settings, it helps them apply similar principles to the other aspects of their lives.

Objectives of the Literary Club :

  • To infuse integrity into the classroom culture.
  • To develop a moral vocabulary.
  • To respond appropriately when cheating occurs.
  • To use quotes to ignite meaningful conversations.
  • To help students believe in themselves.

Meet Our Students

Sr.No. Date Grade Activity
1 09-04-2016 V Discuss the concept "Integrity".
2 16-04-2016 IV Have students define an "Honor Pledge". (Not to commit act of cheating).
3 18-06-2016 I A visit to a temple. (Love , Sharing).
4 25-06-2016 VI Discuss the phrase " Honesty is the best policy" or "Telling the truth"
5 02-07-2016 III Integrity club theme song, in Hindi .
6 09-07-2016 IV Story telling (discussion of values).
7 16-07-2016 II A visit to a temple.(Love , Sharing).
8 23-07-2016 VII Make posters that illustrate"Various cultures in India ".
9 30-07-2016 III Book Reading (Morals).
10 06-08-2016 IV Dream of India (Colouring and drawing).
11 13-08-2016 V Make posters that shows Patriotism /Freedom fighters.
12 20-08-2016 VI All students have participated in Literary club.
13 27-08-16 VI Lead students in “yes/No” Game. (Honesty,Respect,Responsibility )
14 03-09-16 VII Speech (National Integrity/ Class Integrity).
15 17-09-16 IV Poster Making (Love, Kindness, Compassion)
16 24-09-16 V Slogan writing (Related Integrity).
17 8-10-16 VII Home extension activity (kindness).
18 22-10-16 IV Slogan writing (Patriotism).
19 12-11-16 V Book Reading (Morals ).
20 19-11-16 IV Visit to an Orphanage(compassion).
21 26-11-2016 III Poster Making on Honesty/Patriotism.
22 03-12-2016 I Visit to an Orphanage (Compassion).
23 10-12-2016 II Visit to an Orphanage (Compassion).


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