MRS. AMRIT RAO (Principal)

K.K.Wagh Universal School, Saraswati Nagar, Nashik The school is a temple of learning where the student spends his entire childhood to be moulded to a responsible citizen of tomorrow. I can hear the chatter of eager minds, the shouts of excitement from the athletes, the thump of dancer feet and the sound of melodious voices. The energy, movement and enthusiasm permeate the atmosphere at K.K.Wagh Universal School. As a School we think how to engage students and while planning the lesson, how to make it productive, how can we make sure that the students absorb the contents. With these constant question in our mind we continuously upgrade our day to day teaching. From scholastic programmes, we seek to develop the different aspects of a child. ​ We at K.K.Wagh Universal School, emphasize on acquisition of knowledge useful skills, critical thinking and problem solving abilities for all students attending our school. The school believe that every student is unique and special. The school is multi-cultured; hence we teach children the importance of tolerance and respecting each other’s culture. Discipline and integrity are prime values of our school. We celebrate wonderful childhood as a trace of Almighty. We inspire & prepare our children learning by ensuring that way, we develop the sense of appreciation & respect among students. Albert Einstein said that, “ Imagination is more important than knowledge, for while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create”. I sincerely thank all parents for their whole hearted support in every walk of the school. We strive our best to maintain this bond intact forever for our mutual development.

Meet Our Teachers

# Photo Name Designation
1 Mrs. Jyoti Bhandare Clerk
2 Mr. Asif Shaikh Clerk cum Typist
3 Mr. Prashant More Accountant
4 Mrs. Anupriya Nagargoje Asst. Teacher
5 Mrs. Sheetal Naik Asst. Teacher
6 Mrs. Maseera Khan Asst. Teacher(Pre-primary)
7 Mrs. Pooja Bhavsar Asst. Teacher(Pre-primary)
8 Mrs. Pratibha Bhadane Asst. Teacher(Pre-primary)
9 Mrs. Harshada Vaidya Asst. Teacher(Pre-primary)
10 Mrs. Rupali Bhavsar Incharge (Pre-primary)
11 Mrs. Nilima Mahale Asst. Teacher
12 Mrs. Shaila Patil Asst. Teacher
13 Ms. Nikita Tambat Asst. Teacher(Dance)
14 Mrs. Vaishali Gattawar Asst. Teacher
15 Mr. Prasad Dalvi Asst. Teacher(Sports)
16 Mr. Nilesh Chitte Asst. Teacher(Art)
17 Ms. Reenu Shora Asst. Teacher
18 Mr. Rajan Kalan Asst. Teacher(Music)
19 Mrs. Ashwini Pingale Asst. Teacher
20 Mr. Aamir Ansari Asst. Teacher
21 Mrs. Gauri Khirsagar Asst. Teacher
22 Mrs. Ujjwala Bhole Asst. Teacher
23 Mrs. Sayali Sakhare Asst. Teacher
24 Mrs. Vandana Javeri Asst. Teacher
25 Mr. Yogesh Nikam Asst. Teacher
26 Mrs. Namrata Bharsakhar Asst. Teacher
27 Mr. Bharat Gade Librarian
28 Mr. Manoj Porje Asst. Teacher(Sports)
29 Mrs. Anisa Shaikh Incharge(1st shift)
30 Mrs. Megha Nagare Asst. Teacher
31 Mrs. Sneha Suryawanshi Asst. Teacher
32 Mr. Harshavardhan Bacchav Asst. Teacher(Music)
33 Mrs.Nayana Jadhav Asst. Teacher
34 Ms. Yogita Shevale Asst. Teacher
35 Ms. Sharda Andhale Asst. Teacher
36 Mrs. Karuna Tile Asst. Teacher(Dance)
37 Mrs. Tillotamma Salunkhe Incharge (2nd Shift)


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